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Why We Like Them

ByHumankind is a bath and beauty company that focuses on reducing plastic waste while also maintaining natural ingredients in their products. We love this company because of their wide variety of products, their commitment to their values, and the quality of the products (according to reviews from Business Insider, their deodorant is very effective unlike some sustainable brands in the past).


What Stands Out

They are very transparent about the ingredients and packaging of all of their products

The carbon footprint of all orders are offset through investments into forest restoration projects

Reusable packaging so that when you rebuy deodorant you reuse your old packaging. You can opt into receiving products over a certain timeline through a subscription.

Products are in the green ratings (EWG Verified, 1, and 2) along with their commitment to packaging sustainability.

Social Impact

Reforestation donations in order to offset their carbon footprint.

What They're Working On

Like all sustainable bath and beauty products, we will look for them to reduce their prices, however, with their subscription program and refer a friend program they do assist in lowering the prices.


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