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Each and Every


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Why We Like Them

Each and Every is a company that focuses on providing natural products (fragrances, shampoo, and deodorant) to its customers. Along with their top notch ingredient choices, they include incentives for recycling, and are integrating sustainable packaging into their offering.


What Stands Out

Include a recycling program where you can send back containers to the company and they will make sure they get to the correct recycling facility (receive a free travel size deodorant if you return 5 containers).

Introduced new packaging made out of sugar cane.

Offer shampoo bars which reduces packaging.

Their deodorant is EWG Certified.

Does not use baking soda or alcohol in their products, so can work for sensitive skin.
Money back guarantee (they stand by the effectiveness of their products)

Social Impact

We are waiting for more information on this topic.

What They're Working On

Like all sustainable bath and beauty products, we will look for them to reduce their prices, however, with their subscription program and their recycling program they do assist in lowering the prices or provide free offerings.


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