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Come Back as a Flower


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Come Back as a Flower
Come Back as a Flower
Come Back as a Flower
Come Back as a Flower

Why We Like Them

Created by Ester Knows, Come Back as a Flower is proudly black-owned and paving the road for sustainable, trendy loungewear. CBAAF encompasses sustainable fashion in all categories: manufacturing, raw materials, and ethics.

Come Back as a Flower

What Stands Out

They work with a manufacturer in LA, so they are locally manufactured

On top of that, the manufacturer takes the excess cotton and creates all of CBAF’s clothes with it. In other words, 100% Recycled Cotton!

All clothes are hand dried during manufacturing- reducing water usage dramatically.

Social Impact

From Founder Esper: "for me, it’s important to identify CBAAF as black-owned so the consumer understands that the psychedelic themes and nuances are contextualized around the black experience, or lack thereof, in the ’70s, and to send a signal to the black consumer that this is a business you should make a priority to support."

What They're Working On

Honestly, this group is very close to being perfect; however, in the spirit of transparency and working to absolute perfection, we want to point out one thing:
they do not offer information about packaging, so we will look for them to work on implementing sustainable packaging and information about reducing their shipping footprint.

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