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Why We Like Them

If you are looking to push the boundaries of fashion and discover or sell great streetwear, Depop is the thrift shop for you. We love the styles you can find on the platform and you can achieve the style you are looking for sustainably and without the hit to your pocket high fashion usually comes with.


What Stands Out

Offers brick and mortar locations

Allows for everyone's unique style

Affordable pricing

Thrift shopping is sustainable from a buyers standpoint and sellers get to recycle their clothes!

Social Impact

We are waiting for Depop to release more information regarding this topic.

What They're Working On

They currently do not have policy around sustainable shipping or packaging

Customers still need to be cognizant of products that are fast fashion that are immediately reposted on a thrift shop. While this is not an issue on the companies part, customers should be aware and make purchases that they will wear for a long time.

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