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Why We Like Them

Galerie.La's founder, Dechel McKillian opened up about her vettinmg process to the LA Times, stating that "her research process includes verifying the Fair Trade and Global Organic Textile Standard certifications of her brands’ factories and fabrics. Mckillian said she prefers collaborations with emerging businesses over big corporations, claiming it’s easier to achieve transparency with smaller companies that don’t rely on outsourcing and middle men. “I take a personal approach,” she says, describing frequent exploratory phone calls with brand founders, as well as Skype tours of their facilities."


What Stands Out

Galerie. LA curates sustainable products and provides detailed descriptions of products sustainability on their site.

They have a broad understanding of sustainability and you can search their site by Artisan, Eco-Friendly, Ethical, Local Recycled, and Vegan products

The site features a sustainability tab that goes through a high level overview of their methodology (we appreciate the educational aspect of it)

Goodie Bag initiative that promotes black owned businesses (Sustainability for All).

Social Impact

From founder Dechel: "“I’ve been told that the African American community does not care about sustainability or green products, and I’m like, ‘No, no, no!’ Let’s not limit this conversation to ‘Only white people care about green in L.A.,’” she said. “I really want to break down the idea that sustainability has to be for one group of people. It can seem like such an elitist conversation, and I really want to make it available to the masses.”

What They're Working On

Even with the greatest intentions, and many times great execution. There are still things that need to be worked on. They do not discuss sustainable packaging on their website, so we will look for them to implement that
Although they have information about the materials in their clothing, they do not have an easy way to find information about sourcing. They do list the designer, so you can do further research on the suppliers.

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