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Grant BLVD


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Grant BLVD
Grant BLVD
Grant BLVD
Grant BLVD

Why We Like Them

Grant BLVD prides their brand on "designing radically inclusive pathways that pursue the long term plan of progressing our collective good, and let’s not ever forget, the good of our planet. Grant Blvd is about intersectional design. Grant Blvd is about the only way forward."

Grant BLVD

What Stands Out

Offer employment opportunities for people previously incarcerated in their factory in Philadelphia, PA

They make and source all of their materials and clothes in Philly and never source from overseas, which substantially reduces their footprint

All of their clothes come from repurposed fabric

Use light packaging in recycled plastic bags

Social Impact

Grant BLVD was started by Kimberly McGlonn, a trailblazing woman of color who uses fashion to help people who have been incarcerated by offering employment opportunities and bringing awareness to issues in the criminal justice system. On top of that, they make very stylish casual clothing, sustainably.

What They're Working On

We would like to see more transparency about their packaging on their website
However, they do have sustainable packaging
We also look for them to continue to be transparent about and reduce their operational and shipping footprint.

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