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Outland Denim


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Outland Denim
Outland Denim
Outland Denim
Outland Denim

Why We Like Them

Outland Denim is pioneering not just the production of sustainable denim, but all aspects of being a conscious brand. They take all aspects of sustainability to heart as they make sure they do not just do the minimum of treating their workforce fairly, but do more by truly enhancing people’s lives around the world as they produce some of the most sustainable denim in the world.

Outland Denim

What Stands Out

Provide employment and for Women in Cambodia who have been victims of Sex Trafficing

Provide living wages and extend their support to whole communities to provide a sustainable future through training and education

Use organic cotton in their jeans which greatly reduces the environmental impact of their products

Partner with universities and other research organizations to implement top technology and track their footprint

94% transparent supply chain and a commitment to reaching 100%

Recycled packaging used in shipping along with a thank you card made from post-consumer waste

Social Impact


Began as a means to empower women who had been victims of sexual exploitation to empower them to engage in safe, dignified employment. They now hire employees of all different backgrounds of vulnerability. Seamstresses are trained for two years and with proven proficiency are given the opportunity to progress in their careers with Outland Denim. All seamstresses are paid a living wage to allow them to fully support their families and save for unexpected events. Seamstresses are also given the opportunity to engage in educational and personal enrichment programs to support them and their families.

What They're Working On

Outland Denim is working to provide a 100% transparent supply chain and improve the sustainability in the denim industry

We will look for them to continue to be on the forefront of technological innovation to continue to drive down their footprint in all areas, although they have already made huge strides in the denim industry.

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