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Why We Like Them

Rag-O-Rama is your classic brick and mortar thrift shop. Find trendy clothes, vintage clothes, staples in your wardrobe, or just some items that are really out of the box. And they demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and charity that is not seen in all thrift shops.


What Stands Out

Brick and mortar locations, so if you are in the area, you cut out the carbon footprint of shipping

Encourage people to bring their own bags or not take a bag by donating the cost of the bag to a partner charity if the buyer does not take a bag

Thrifting is sustainable!

Social Impact

A customer can donate the price of a bag to one of three charities that are usually local that the store supports.

What They're Working On

While they are pretty perfect, there is always more a company can do. We will look for them to continue to adapt to including sustainable packaging options if someone chooses to use a bag, and look to retrofit their locations to be more sustainable. Additionally, with their new online shipping, we look for them to find sustainable shipping if that is what a customer chooses to do.

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