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The Girlfriend Collective


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The Girlfriend Collective
The Girlfriend Collective
The Girlfriend Collective
The Girlfriend Collective

Why We Like Them

Girlfriend Collective is taking the activewear industry by storm- redefining what it takes to stand out with transparency at its core. From their products’ affordability and inclusivity to overall sustainability- Girlfriend Collective has us all asking why we didn’t try the lineup sooner.

The Girlfriend Collective

What Stands Out

100% recycled and recyclable packaging

Leggings & Bras Made from recycled polyester and spandex

All recycled textiles are cut-and-sewn in an SA8000 certified factory in Vietnam, that guarantees fair wages, healthy conditions, and zero forced or child labor

Every single drop of water that is used to dye fabric gets sent to wastewater treatment plant on-site

To limit the distance items travel, all goods are consolidated in Asia, then shipped elsewhere

Social Impact


Immediate response: donations to organizations that were on the forefront of the movement:

Reclaim the Block

Black Visions Collective

Visit Lake Street

Long-term response: Keep the momentum of the conversation going by finding sustainable ways for our brand to educate ourselves, amplify Black voices and encourage our community to be, and stay, involved.


Girlfriend to Girlfriend initiative supports women by partnering with girlfriends and small businesses who have faced adversity— they'll create content you'll love and Girlfriend Collective will pay them directly or donate to their charity of choice.

What They're Working On

Girlfriend Collective is pretty much perfect. Their dye mud is even sent to a pavement facility around their factory to be used for pavement in the community. However, we will look for them to continue to reach 100% recycled materials in their clothing.

We also look for them to work on reducing the carbon footprint of their shipping.

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