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Why We Like Them

Waterlust began as an experimental project by ocean science graduate students. After some time dedicated to using media to engage the public with marine science in an entertaining, fun, and informative way, they evolved into a purpose-driven clothing brand. They firmly believe in their responsibility to be completely transparent about the benefits and drawbacks of how each product is made. We can attest that their products have extensive material information readily accessible.


What Stands Out

Sustainable Packaging: items wrapped in 100% recycled, recyclable and naturally biodegradable kraft paper, and then packaged in a recycled and recyclable poly mailer bag which can be reused prior to being recycled.
Shop by Cause: Each of their unique prints advocates for the marine species, ecosystem, or natural phenomenon it represents and 10% of profits from the sales go to it's associated research or non-profit organization that is putting in the hard work to make a tangible difference.

Social Impact

Waterlust has launched Positive Impact Partnerships in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. "Right now, many of the businesses and organizations that specialize in offering experiences that enable people to enjoy, learn about and develop a passion for the environment are hurting due to the global pandemic."

They offer those who have an engaged community that would like Waterlust products, a 25% commission on any sales they can generate.

What They're Working On

In their assessment of the Birth, Life, and Death of their products (seen when you click “environmental impact” on an item’s page) they identify that they are working to reduce their shipping footprint and trying to find biodegradable material for their clothing.

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