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Earth Hero


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Why We Like Them

Earth Hero only offers items that meet the following criteria: better materials, cleaner production, lower carbon footprint, higher quality, and less waste. That’s pretty all-encompassing in terms of sustainability characteristics. Their goal is to make buying responsibly second-nature. And hey, that’s our goal too.


What Stands Out

Earth Hero truly cares about the carbon footprint of their practices and provides carbon-neutral shipping for all items.

They hold and display sustainability certifications and partnerships including: certified B Corporation, 1% for the Planet Member, CarbonFree Partner, and more.

They use a sustainability logo system to tag their items and provide a page on their site to describe what each logo/certification means.

What They're Working On

We’re awaiting more information on their ethics and maker well-being vetting of their offered brands. We would like to know how livable wages and worker conditions factor into their selection of brands.


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