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Package Free Shop


Free Shipping all U.S. orders $35+

Why We Like Them

Package Free Shop started similar to us, college students wanting to make a difference. From a pop up shop to a premiere marketplace for low waste sustainable products, Package Free Shop continues to stand by their values and deliver great products. They provide natural and low waste household, bath, and beauty products as well as items that help you live a zero waste lifestyle.


What Stands Out

They break up products by price ranges (i.e. Under $10, Under $25) so you can shop in your budget

Discusses inclusivity and requests feedback on how they can do better. They have dedicated at least 15% of their product offerings to be from black owned businesses.

Partners with Pachama to remain carbon neutral

Ensure that their products that are both inbound to them and outbound are plastic free and they ship all their products in compostable and recyclable materials

Goal to be a Certified B Corporation by 2021.

Physical locations in New York.

What They're Working On

Although they are nearly perfect, we would like to see them continue to push transparency in regards to their footprint and worker rights/well-being.


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