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The dashingly handsome man in the green sweater in the picture to the right is Will’s dad (Will being the equally dashing member of our team). He is walking through his home village, Fih, which is located in the Koura district of North Lebanon.


Koura is special for it’s incredibly tight knit communities as well as its unmatched beauty, as it is nestled in the mountains overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Koura, the place, is beauty and community.


And for us, Koura represents a need to protect the natural beauty of the world as well as a necessity for community to work towards a sustainable future.


Koura is working to infuse sustainability into the future of consumer culture by crafting educational content on sustainable practices, offering incentives to engage with conscious brands, and working with partner companies to advance sustainability in industry.

We strive to create a community of companies, nonprofits, and individuals that amplifies the voice of younger generations and guides consumers on how they can painlessly implement sustainability into every part of their lives, starting with the information they consume and the clothes, bath, and beauty products they buy. We are not a tool to use once. We want to be your guide to a sustainable future. 



The content from our blog, social media, and other media we distribute is a mix of handcrafted material and information collected from our partners to keep members of the community informed about sustainability. This includes current stories not readily available in the news, amazing projects happening around the world that will give you hope for a better future, and information about other ways to implement sustainability into your lives which ranges from DIY living walls to community outreach projects that need volunteers.

Our Platform provides a list of discounts to sustainable brands and marketplaces that can be shared with friends and family, initially focused on the clothing, bath, and beauty industries. There are thousands of companies selling sustainable products you didn’t know existed and it is our job to deliver them to you.


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