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Time For Our Generation To Dig In

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

A Letter to the Koura Community:

I am a basketball guy, so the analogy that comes to mind for me is being down 14 at the start of the 4th when the coach starts putting in the backup players. The starters who the coach left in still fight hard to try and salvage the game, and the backups play their hearts out to try and move up in the roster. All of that is possible because there is still time left on the clock. All 10 people on the team play their hearts out until the buzzer sounds.

That is an analogy to our generation dealing with the Climate Crisis. It's a fight for our future, and it is no secret that we are down 14 in the fourth quarter.

It is easy for us to look at what is happening in the world, then what the scientists and the science itself is saying, and give up. I have heard people give up too many times: “sustainability is not feasible”, “what are my actions really going to do”, “there is no way we hit the sustainability goals needed to reverse climate change”. All of that needs to stop right now. It is time for us to gear up for the fourth quarter, put our pads on, and get ready to wow the critics on opening night. Whatever resonates with you, get that mentality in your mind, burry your feet in the dirt and get ready for a fight.

We can no longer afford to feel sorry for ourselves or feel like there is nothing we can do. We have to know that we are going to win, that we are going to come back and give the performance of a lifetime. We must prove that we are capable of anything. BECAUSE OUR GENERATION IS CAPABLE OF ANYTHING!

So, whatever you are passionate about, whatever you want to do for the world, whatever others have told you is not possible. Think bigger. Dream bigger. Make it happen.

We will only succeed in creating the future we want to live in if we believe we can. And even if you do not have one particular passion, you have some of the most powerful tools known to man, the power of your vote and the power of your voice. It is time to register to vote and show up, sign petitions, protest, and have the tough conversations others won’t. Do not be afraid to use either of those powers.

If you need any help, I am here. WE ARE HERE. Koura is a community creating the equitable, sustainable future we all want to live in. That does not say we want to create that future, but that we are creating that future. We will continue to be a guide, create change, and learn from other members of the community so that we all grow in the process.





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