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We always say sustainability, but what does that mean? Our definition of sustainability is all-encompassing and we use it interchangeably with the words conscious and ethical. To us, a sustainable, conscious, and ethical company is one that understands and does everything in their power to support the progress of the UN Sustainability Goals. That is, they look at the way their practices impact water, emissions, and waste, but they also address social issues focusing on economic, physical, and mental health of those impacted throughout the supply chain. This spans the gamut from the workers gathering and producing raw materials and ingredients, to the end consumer. And they do all of this while maintaining a profitable, economically sustainable business. It is the triple bottom line: people, the environment, and the economy.


To us, Sustainability is respecting and nurturing the earth, those around you, and yourself. It is creating a healthy, prosperous future for EVERY LIVING BEING Earth. We believe we need to be talking in terms of equality, not equity, because we cannot reach a sustainable civilization without first seeking justice for those who have not been given their fair share of opportunity.

So when we talk about sustainable companies, we are also talking about locally-owned businesses, businesses that manufacture in the same country they sell their clothes, or businesses that find other creative ways to make a difference and change the status quo.

As we build and grow initially, we are going to highlight minority-owned businesses to put a spotlight on those most affected the most by COVID-19. 

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The other elephant in the room we want to address is greenwashing. We include this because transparency is at the core of our values and mission.


First off, we only feature select companies on the platform, and we do very in-depth research into the companies ourselves, using resources and rating systems from multiple organizations and non-profits.


Secondly, in order to stay true to our word and “Spread the Voice of Our Generation”, we are working to partner with student sustainability organizations to audit our content and more importantly, which companies we feature on the platform.

In the future, we plan on the Koura community extending to a collaborative of organizations, companies working to get on the platform, and companies already featured on the platform. Through this ecosystem, we will be able to go beyond just screening companies and actually help companies reach the standards necessary to be featured on Koura and excel even further once they partner.

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